This page contains all of the following resources for each class meeting:

Please note, the lesson numbers and topics (e.g. 1.1) are my design, and do not match up with the textbook!

Relevant materials (if applicable, icons will become links) will be posted before class meets.

I. Rational Choice Theory: Consumers Content Slides Practice Assignment
Preliminary Survey
1.1 The Tools of Microeconomics
1.2 Budget Constraint
1.3 Preferences
1.4 Utility Maximization
Problem Set 1 due Wed Feb 17
1.5 Demand
1.6 Income and Substitution Effects
1.7 Price Elasticity
Problem Set 2 due Sun Feb 28
Exam 1 week of Mar 1
II. Rational Choice Theory: Producers Content Slides Practice Assignment
2.1 Production, Specialization, and Firms
2.2 Short Run and Long Run Production
2.3 Cost Minimization
Problem Set 3 due Sun Mar 1421
2.4 Costs of Production
2.5 Short Run Profit Maximization
2.6 Long Run Industry Equilibrium
Problem Set 4 due Sun Mar 28/Sun April 4
Exam 2 week of April 5
III. Market Equilibrium Content Slides Practice Assignment
3.1 The Supply and Demand Model
3.2 Market Competition and Surpluses
3.3 Entrepreneurship, Profits, & Prices
3.4 Welfare Economics & Market Failures
3.5 Political Economy
Problem Set 5 due Sun Apr 25
IV. Imperfect Competition Content Slides Practice Assignment
4.1 Modeling Firms with Market Power
4.2 Consequences and Sources of Market Power
4.3 Pricing Strategies
4.4 Factor Markets: Labor Markets
4.5 Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly
4.6 Contestable Markets and Wrap Up
Problem Set 6 (Ungraded Practice)
Op-Ed Due Fri May 14
Final Exam week of May 16